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Consulting and Development

Information Systems for Engineering and Technical Sales

Our services comprise consulting in and developing of tailored IS solutions for the mechanical engineering industry. We specialise in the field of engineering and technical sales supporting application software for PC and Internet. Our tailored product selection programs are aimed at improving our clients' performance and profits by focusing on key value creating drivers, such as:

    • accelerated, reliable work flow → guided, automated product design and selection

    • service enhancement → round the clock accessible Internet applications

    • cost-saving → reduction in maintenance time of products databases

    • integration → connection to customer relationship management systems

    • sustainability → incorporating ongoing advancements

    • reputation → custom design


Jürgen Roland, Managing Director ACE*:
Karl H. Will manages the life cycles of ACE’s shock absorbers and gas springs selection programs. Collaborating with ACE’s Senior Management, Sales Engineering, Marketing and IT departments as well as external partners, Karl H. Will contributes through his software development and consulting significantly to the efficiency of our technical sales processes. Furthermore, his solutions enrich the company’s digital services and marketing activities.
Karl H. Will’s expert consulting was highly regarded during the ACE-wide transition of our CRM strategy between 2009 and 2015. He fostered the change with a strategic plan for an information system addressing, among others, tailored CRM, product selection and quotation systems. He provided on-site introductory and advanced training as well as ongoing hotline support to our subsidiaries ACE USA, UK, Germany.

André Weßling, Marketing Director ACE*:
In the years 2017 and 2018 Karl H. Will developed ACE Easy Sizing for gas springs – our online tool for the calculation and configuration of gas spring products. Karl H. Will successfully delivered the gas spring sizing tool based on our key requirements – usability, performance, innovation. I commend Karl H. Will for both his structured-consultative approach and his agile-constructive dealing with desired amendments.

*ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH is a leading company for industrial damping technology and motion control